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Wood Turning Arts & Crafts

by Marv Conklin


About My Workshop

Although woodturning is primarily a hobby, my pens and wine bottle stoppers have found their way from my Southwest Washington home clear across the country to Virginia and many states in-between.

People in China, Mexico, Australia, and Holland have received my creations as gifts made in the Pacific Northwest.

About Me

My name is Marv Conklin and I have been turning wood for over fifteen years. After being a pipe-fitter for 35 years, I retired and decided I needed another hobby in addition to fishing.

I took one lesson from well-known turner Frank Lynn and was hooked. A few years later, Frank said, “You’ve committed the ultimate sin of becoming better than your teacher.”

The most unique writing instrument you’ll ever own

To make a pen, I decide on the style, select the wood (I use exotic hardwoods from around the world), cut it to length, drill an opening for the brass tubing, and glue the tubing inside the wood block.

After the glue sets, I make another cut, mount the block on the lathe and begin the turning process which involves shaving off the wood, multiple sandings, and polishing with a special Australian shell wax before pen assembly.

This process takes several hours. I hope you will agree, it’s time well spent.

Every Item has it’s own unique characteristics.

Contact me to create your next gift for a friend, loved one, or yourself!

Featured Wood Turned Crafts & Gifts

Although Marv has made several hundred wine bottle stoppers, no two are exactly alike – every item is unique.

  • The perfect gift for any occasion
  • A unique gift that will be treasured forever
  • The perfect way to show your appreciation
  • A one-of-a-kind gift for the special someone in your life

Let’s Discuss Wood Work

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